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Name: Dawn Grayson
Age: 19
Martial status: Long-term relationship
Field of Specialty- Weaponry/Combat
Occupation: Mercenary
        For most of Dawn's life, she's been working and living at Code Black. They brought her in after the "incident" with her family. No one knows exactly what happened that night, since it's been remained secretive in their files....Dawn's recollection of it is a bit blurred, and no one will tell her, so she "made up" a memory as to what happened, and it has stuck there for years. She has been trained to be a mercenary ever since she was a child, in the P-project, along with other children in the process. This was at the point where she met Scott, and from there on, they became childhood friends....and then it moved onto something much more deep.
        Dawn is considered the leader of her group, because she keeps things together. She's field specializes in most weaponry, especially the katana.  Even though she's a bit arrogant, and taunting, Dawn also has good heart and can have a level head on her shoulders when the time comes necessary....though, that never comes into play when she's partnered up with her comrad in arms, Rachel. All hell breaks loose when the two work together....(and begin to agree on the same things...scary)