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Frequently Asked Questions:

When did you get started in drawing?

        Mmmm....I'd have to say it started about 9 years ago? Sure. I mean, I've drawn all my life, but I never did it because I wanted to prior to that time. It was always a school thing, I think.

What do you use for coloring and drawing?
        I use Photoshop 7.0, and sometimes MS Paint...but mostly photoshop because MS Paint is EVIL. Write that down. lol.

Do you take requests?
        Oi, I get this a LOT. Unfortunately, I don't. Simple as that. Now before you start whining and kicking about, I have a very good reason, summed up in 3 words: PEOPLE. ARE. CHEAP. Which is true. Everyone expects to get things free in life and that can't be always the case. They also take advantage of someone who actually CAN draw and will not get off the poor artist's back. THIS, I simply can't stand. I know there are a lot of artists that work hard and don't earn any money because people don't want to spend the money to pay for a print. If you want to support an artist you like, you could help them by buying them a print. I know that would make me REALLY excited!

Well, what DO you do?
        I may not do requests, but I do take commissions or art trades...If you want to know my commission rate, you're gonna have to go to the Commissions page ^^; Mew! If you can't afford one of the prices that you're looking for, I do negotiate with customers, so don't hesitate to ask me on that! Mew!

What is Code Black?
        I hear this a lot. It's my comic-in-progress. Mew. I'm working on it so I can update every Monday and Friday for all to see ^^* It's probably got every single kind of genre you can think of....pretty much. For example, it could be dramatic and suspenseful one minute...and the next......chibi-randomness! lol. I've been working on this comic for technically 3 years...and the plotline has changed so much it makes my own head spin sometimes! lol. But it has definitely changed for the better, in my opinion.

How did you come up with the idea?
        Well, obviously, it was about 3 years ago...and I was a junior in high school at the time, and I thought it up randomly in my religon class, because that class is boring as SIN, and you need to keep yourself thinking of things otherwise you'll fall asleep...nyo. I always thought that I needed my character to be in her OWN thing. No more fics...no more...sorta kinda mary-sues(When I first wrote about stuff like that! I had no idea what it meant at the TIME).....yeah, I needed something new to do. And drawing character concepts is fun. The story was something completely different from what I have now...like....it was all in high school...and then I thought, yeah...already done...-_-; So I went in a opposite direction, and I like it ^^* With the help of my friends Rachel, Sarah, and Meg, I got a few ideas down....more when I got into my senior year and we'd talk about it in class X3

Is Scott and all the other characters in Code Black real?
        Yes. Of course they're real! Everyone uses original characters and what not....I wanted to do a different take on it, and use real people. They are ALL my good friends, and I try to portray their personality as best as possible in the comic. So Rachel is very, VERY random and crazy like in the story. Scott is very nonchalant about things, and sometimes a bit of a loner...in some respects, I guess. Hence, his name on Da: Another-Drifter. They're all dear to me and I was glad to come up with character designs for them...it's taken me a bit to perfect them, and still I don't have some of them down. Jon I've CONSTANTLY changed over the years....at least he doesn't look like a leafhead anymore! X3

Who is Sweety?
        Sweety is Scott, or aka Scotty...Not to be confused with OmegaRain whose real name is also Scott...Man, the rumors that would fly with that one....the scandal! LoL! Anyways, Sweety is My childhood friend and the love of my life ^^*. I love him so much! Mew!

What is it with you and mewing??
        It's meh signature in my character. Ever heard of iconography? My character is me to it's core, and to have kitty-like tendencies is apart of me. Everyone who has been around me, as far as litterally speaking in front of me in real life, KNOWS I do kitty-like things...like I hissed at a T-Mobile salesman because he was being dumb out of habit....and didn't realize it. Don't ask about that....it's a long story ><. I also randomly make cute Mew noises just to be me....or so I'm told it's cute. Lol!

Is there anyone that helps you with Code Black?
        YES. Sarah-chan is my part-time writer(*looks at sarah* YES, PART-TIME!) She helps me when she can, and when she's not too busy working on many, many, many, MANY awesome fics....all at once. Cuz she's crazy like that. But I wuvvle her because she's meh sister! (not in real life -_-) OMega Rain also helped me put this website together because he's awesome...like woa! XD

Do you accept gift art?
        OF COURSE! I'm a big sucker to get fan art of my own creations.....nyo...it makes my day like you wouldn't believe. The whole world could be in crisis...about to blow up, and I'd be too busy to notice, because I'd be prancing around, knowing I got a fan art piece for MY comic! LOL...well, maybe not like that, but you get the idea!

Can you teach me to draw to be just like you?
        Eh...um......I honestly don't have time to teach people how to draw and color the way I do....'sides.....My artwork has much flaws I'm still working on....and you don't want to be just like me! I'm a procrastinator...the BIGGEST there is! And you want to find your own style. Copying styles is just the way you start. Drawing EXACTLY like someone else ish no good....It won't get you anywhere, trust me. Um, but what I can do is give you some tutorials I made to help you get started ^_^

How did you "find" your style?
        Search it on Google. LOL, I'm just kidding! It's taken me a long time to start my own style. I started off like a lot of anime artists did by drawing Sailor Moon, or Pokemon....and even some Final Fantasy 7 art. It's just branched off over the years from how much anime I've been exposed to. I'm not really sure what my style looks like anymore...if it does at all! Which is good if it doesn't...lol. >.>;;;

How long does it take for you to finish a piece?
        Ahhh, it really depends on the picture and it's detail. On an average, it takes about an hour to finish a picture.

Do you go to Anime Conventions? If so, where?
        Yeah, I got to cons....well, there's only one in particular I go to, because it's the only one I can afford and is near me, and that's OhayoCon. I have been to anime-Central once. Wasn't really a big fan of it...not sure what happened there, but somehow it really wasn't fun. Which is hard to believe 'cuz I always have a good time at cons. Maybe when I'm older and have a steady income, I'll go to others  that are fartther out^^* but right now...it's just OhayoCon ^^

If anyone else has anymore questions, please feel free to e-mail me, or send them to my e-mail! I'd love to answer them for ya!